Bee-Line Fuel Oil Spill

USEPA Region 2 Port Murray, NJ

Contract Number: EP-S2-15-01

Contact: Kelli Lucarino 908-421-2628

Contract Value: $587,563.00

Period of Performance: 01/12/16-Current

Fuel oil at the Bee-Line site had been leaking from onsite storage tanks into the Musconetcong River, a navigable waterway of the US, in Mansfield Township, Warren County, NJ. GES has been tasked with providing the manpower and equipment necessary to drain #2 fuel oil from above ground oil storage tanks, associated pipeline and appurtenances. GES also had to deploy and maintain oil spill booms and sorbent materials as necessary. GES is improving and maintaining an existing interceptor trench and expanding this trench system as directed by the USEPA’s on site coordinator. From this trench GES must pump collected #2 fuel oil and stage in containers for disposal. GES installed isolating structures around contaminated shoreline and excavated oil contaminated soil to prevent future seepage into the river. GES responsibly disposed of all contaminated materials and backfilled quarry processed stone.


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