Crown Cleaners

USEPA Region 2 Carthage, NY

Contract Number: EP-S2-15-01

Contact: Jeff Bechtel 908-420-4459

Contract Value: $2,179,700.00

Period of Performance: 06/22/2015 – Current

The Crown Cleaners site is a nine acre facility which formerly operated as a dry cleaning and laundry service. The site consisted of three buildings in poor condition. Two buildings were interconnected with one standalone building and an elevated 100,000 gallon elevated water tower in between them. The buildings were a single level with a basement which contained asbestos. Soil on the site was contaminated with volatile organic compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which was emanating into the local groundwater supply. GES was tasked with the demolition of the three buildings, including the water tower, as well the excavation of 15,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil, which required offsite disposal, backfilling and grading the site and recovering with vegetation.


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